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Mike Malin has a passion for the Los Angeles nightlife scene and a love for fine food. He and his partners in Dolce Group have electrified the Los Angeles dining scene by taking the traditional fine dining approach and coupling it with entertaining elements that make each of their venues unique. Over the next two years, on the foundation of their multi-million dollar restaurant empire, The Dolce Group will bring their signature flair to marketplace all across the country.

Malin began his career in hospitality as co-owner of Bally, a New York style restaurant/lounge in Los Angeles. Before Belly’s sale in 2004, it remained a happening bar and lounge for stylish Angelinos.

Mike is originally from Concord, New Hampshire. He left New Hampshire to pursue his education and enrolled in Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts. At Bentley College, Mr. Malin majored in finance while also exercising his passion for the theatrical arts. He was active in the theatre program of Bentley College, which led him to his ultimate move to Los Angeles in pursuit of acting as a full time career.

Mike Malin is best known for his role as “Boogie” on the CBS reality television show, Big Brother, in 2006. Mike was crowned champion of Big Brother: All Stars. Consequently, Mr. Malin has had numerous guest staring roles on a variety of sitcom television shows including “Yes, Dear” and “Jack and Jill”. In his free time, he is a member of the N.B.A. Entertainment League, a celebrity basketball team, which has earned him recognition on such shows as Extra and Access Hollywood. The N.B.A.E. proved beneficial not only for Malin’s fame and personal enjoyment, but the league connected him to fellow Dolce Group investors Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Jamie Kennedy. Through his acting career and basketball team, Malin has created relationships with an extensive list of celebrity contacts, which is the base for the Dolce Group’s strong A-list clientele and executive private parties.

Dolce Enoteca, Geisha House, Bella and Les Deux offer a different appeal to Los Angeles diners as well as the trendy Los Angeles scenesters, Malin says, “People come to our restaurants for the great nightlife and guarantee that they will get a quality meal”. Malin says.

With his Dolce Group partners, their LA-based restaurant and nightlife empire has ultimately “set a new standard” for Los Angeles restaurants and Malin feels that “regardless of trend, career, or age, there is a shared feeling in Los Angeles that food is important, as is a quality crowd and aesthetically appealing surroundings.” Following the success of Dolce and Geisha House in LA, Malin has brought both dining concepts to other parts of the country, opening Dolce Enoteca in Reno and Atlanta, and Ten Pin Alley, a new bowling/lounge concept in Atlanta.

Next up, Mike Malin brings his passion and ideal of “thinking bib” to Ketchup, at the Sunset Millennium complex in West Hollywood, which opens in February 2007. Further Dolce Group developments are stated across the country in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, California, and Washington, DC. 

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