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Think he made the dunk?

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Boogie just confirmed that Willie was kicked out of the house.

Boogie just confirmed that Willie was kicked out of the house.

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Best Trivia Question of the Night

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7/14 – On the Block and POV

Spoilers 7/14 – On the Block and POV

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Mike talking about Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

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Britney brings up her idol Britney Spears and Mike says he is a friend of Jason Trawick, who is Britney’s fiance. He was just at their house to play basketball and says it is crazy with the helicopters flying around, etc.

Britney can’t take it and asks follow up questions. Mike mentions that he met Jason when they had a common friend die. Jason had been making a film….

“In London”, Britney says, finishing the sentence. Mike laughs that Britney knows so much and we experience a break in the feed while they chat.
Also, Ashley mentioned a tattoo she is trying to have removed, but the pink part is hard to erase.

Boogie takes the opportunity to plug Dr. Tattoff, located on the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega. He says Ashley is part of the BB club now and can get a discount. He says people listening at home can go there and have a pain-free experience at Dr. Tattoff.

Production also allows him to plug the many other services that Dr. Tattoff provides.

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A Message to Big Brother Fans from Mike Boogie

As you read this I will be appearing for a third time on CBS’ Big Brother. I know this angers many of you as I am surely one of the most polarizing contestants in the history of this game. I wanted to point out something that makes this show great and that is by having diverse casts with different ages, backgrounds, religions, strategies etc. to root for AND against. Would you watch every year if there were 12 Jordans, 12 Janelles, 12 Kaysars (3 people I like very much by the way)? I mention these people as I know they are some of the most popular people to ever play this game. The answer to that question for most of you is probably, “no” and that’s because this show NEEDS villains. A lot of you have issues with the way I talked about Erika Landin during All- Stars. The meanest things said were during highly emotional times when I thought I was being played by her and Will was ousted. I have apologized to her on numerous occasions and feel badly about what I said. Much like outsiders saying things about house guests when we’re on the show, I said things about her she couldn’t defend and I was wrong.

Moving on. I am back. Sadly my Chilltown comrade is not. I know this disappoints the legions of Will Kirby fans. It will come as no surprise that no one is more disappointed than me. In 2 seasons together we were committed to playing the game as hard as we could and not taking ourselves too seriously in the hopes of entertaining millions of viewers. I will carry on that tradition this season. Please….I implore you to root for your favorites, pray for evictions for the ones you can’t stand (even me), scream at the television but most of all: enjoy the heck out of this game both you and I love so very much.

Warm Regards,

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Big Brother house

Watch what happened when the press were let loose inside the Big Brother house!

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Big Brother 14

Rumor Mill

Just like previous seasons, as it gets closer to the premiere, rumors, spoilers and red herrings start circulating about what twists and surprises are in-store for us. Last year, the producers “leaked” some fake spoilers to throw us off track, so you can’t take any of this as fact.

Although most fans seem sick of former HGs returning, many sites are reporting that some former HGs are returning to the house as mentors. The four players mentioned are Dan Gheesling, Rachel Reilly, Janelle Pierzina and Mike “Boogie” Malin. All four will choose the people they want to mentor. Each mentor will be paid $20,000 for their participation in the house. The mentors will be there as long as they have people to mentor. Once they run out of apprentices, or “mentees,” they will have to leave the house. However, if their mentee wins the grand prize they can win $100,000.

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Big Brother 2 and Allstars

Big Brother 2

Malin appeared in the second season of the U.S. reality show Big Brother U.S.. On that program he formed an alliance with another contestant, Dr Will Kirby, and the pair were known as the “Chilltown Alliance”; the alliance would be revisited in a later season of the show. On the 33rd day of the competition, Malin was evicted by a vote of 4-1. He came 8th place overall.

Big Brother 7

Winner of Big Brother All Stars

Winner of Big Brother All Stars

Malin returned, with his “Chilltown Alliance” partner Dr Will Kirby, for the “all-star” edition of Big Brother. The season featured contestants from preceding seasons who were notable. Malin won the series, by a vote of 6-1, which made him winner of Big Brother 7: All Stars and recipient of the show’s $500,000 prize.

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Famous Food Episode 2: Pressure Cooker

The group is split into two teams and the battle begins between Ashley and Danielle. Watch the full episode!

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